sous vide pulled pork

Procedure: Where we left off… In the original RECIPE, the entire pork shoulder is sous vide processed @135F/57Cx24 hours, shocked and refrigerated to 40F/4C, coated with seasonings and hot smoked @180f/82Cx4 hours. See recipe for detailed information. At that point, the roast looks like this: The roast is then cut into steaks and cutlets for various applications. While […]

sous vide pork

Procedure: IF YOU PLAN TO MAKE THE ENTIRE ENTREE PRESENTION, COMPLETE THESE STEPS FIRST. OTHERWISE, PROCEED TO “Processing the Pork Shoulder” below.  Process the carrots @183F/84Cx1 hour, cold shock: Make Mille-Feuille Potatoes–these two items can be done simultaneously at 183F/84C.  Processing the pork shoulder. Seal boneless pork butt/shoulder roast in vacuum or Ziploc Freezer gallon […]

sous vide burger

Preparation: Ring forms are like cookie cutters, except will dull edges. They are useful to manipulate hamburger patties into uniform shapes and thickness.People are always telling me how many ring forms they recently purchased so that they could mass produce their sous vide patties. The fact is, if you use Ziploc freezer bags to do […]

sous vide greens

 Procedure: Place the greens into a large bowl or sheet pan. Sprinkle very lightly with S+P. Wait a few minutes, and the greens will just start to shrink down. DO NOT ADD ANY FORM OF ACID–LEMON JUICE OR VINEGAR WILL DISSOLVE THE GREENS. Load greens as tightly as possible into a vacuum bag, and remove […]

sous vide pastrami hash

Procedure: Cut pastrami into approx. 1 oz./30g. pieces. Using the paddle attachment on a Kitchenaid type mixer, mix the beef until it shreds. The alternative is to put the pastrami in a Ziploc Gallon bag and tap with a rolling pin until it comes apart. Add the chives, and then the oatmeal. Mix well. Set […]