Meet the LIPAVI Sous Vide System!

Many sous vide cooks, amateurs and professionals are annoyed by the look of their vacuum sealed food just floating around in their water baths.

Let us help you with that. With the LIPAVI Sous Vide System, you'll get an organized sous vide process. Using our sous vide racks makes your food warm evenly.

Effortlessly organized Sous Vide

Our famous sous vide system:

Crystal clear polycarbonate sous vide containers. Easy to see your food while cooking.

Tailor made lids for virtually every immersion circulator on the market.

Upright cooking! Our sous vide racks ensure even warming and higher capacity.

Read our recipes:

Are you hungry? We have receipts for everything, from chicken breast to wild boar spareribs - enough to read (and cook) for hours!