Sous Vide Systems

Sous Vide - improved

Sous Vide Systems - improve your Sous Vide cooking!

Make your sous vide process structured

Experience even warming and higher capacity. No more food floating around in the water bath.

Our Sous Vide System consists of three components:

Sous Vide Container

Sous Vide Lid

Sous Vide Rack

Sous Vide Systems

So – what is a Sous Vide System?

Sous Vide has become increasingly popular in the last few years – and the Immersion Circulator has become the staple of the Sous Vide kitchen. They are great devices, mainly because they are so versatile. You can use them to make everything into a Sous Vide water bath -pots, buckets, just about anything.

The people who use Sous Vide frequently, the real foodies have embraced polycarbonate containers for Sous Vide. They are heat resistant, transparent, lightweight and durable. However many people still run into the following challenges:

  1. Evaporation – what do you do for longer cooks?
  2. Capacity – how do you get the most out of your water bath of choice?
  3. Organization – the food pouches float around in the water bath, clinging to each other, stacking on top of each other, you name it. This can lead to sub-optimal heat transfer and uneven warming.
  4. Sometimes you don’t want to use vacuum pouches, but rather use Zip-loc bags or similar products. How do you make them stand up straight, with the seal up?

Our Sous Vide System for immersion circulators solve all these challenges.

Three basic components:

  • A clear Polycarbonate container for use with your immersion circulator.
  • A dedicated, tight fitting lid for your circulator, which practically eliminates vaporization.
  • A sous vide rack, which insures efficient transfer of heat and circulation of water. Our racks can also be used to keep bags secured with the seal up, to further prevent leakage.