The LIPAVI sous vide system!

Optimize your sous vide experience.

  • An organized sous vide process
  • Much higher cooking capacity
  • Better circulation - even heating
Sous Vide Systems - improve your Sous Vide cooking!


Polycarbonate sous vide containers. Durable, strong and temperature resistant.


Tailor made lids for virtually all immersion circulators currently on the market.


The original sous vide racks ensure even warming and higher capacity.

Four sizes

Universal lid - fits virtually all Circulators

The smallest LIPAVI system, in use with the Anova Pro circulator

Capacity 5 L - 7 qt0

L5 Sous Vide Rack

Universal lid

Our standard, medium size system - in use with the Chefsteps Joule circulator

Capacity 10 L - 12 qt

N10X sous vide rack

w. anti float

Universal lid

Our large model system, in use with a Gourmia circulator!

Capacity 15 L - 21 qt

Up to 2x N15X sous vide rack

w. anti float

Universal lid

Our biggest, party-sized system, here used with the Anova Precision circulator!

Capacity 20 L - 24 qt

Up to 2x N20 sous vide rack

Universal lid

Will the lid fit my circulator?

Our lids fit all cylinder-shaped circulators with a diameter of up to 2.755 inches (70 mm) - virtually all the widely used sous vide circulators are compatible.

We also have custom-cut lids with notches for virtually all circulators on the market. Check our classic system builder to find the correct setup for you!