Call it Picanha, Coulette, or even the decidedly unromantic generic term “Top Sirloin Flap,” this cut offers a unique texture, especially tender despite its density and coarse grain.   Procedure: After vacuum sealing the roast in heat tolerant plastic, sous vide process the roast at 127F/53CX12 hours. After this time has elapsed, shock the roast […]

I used to know a guy named “Al Mattone.” The people who write menus for restaurants avoid describing food in English as if it were somehow shameful or amateurish. Meanwhile, we Americans consider ourselves self-righteously superior in every way until we peruse a menu with a few foreign words strategically laced into it. The practice of […]

Traditional low and slow smoking methods typically use weight to calculate cooking duration–usually in the neighborhood of 25 minutes/lb, at smoker/oven temperatures between 180F-225F/82C-107C. The target internal temperature of the meat is between 191F-205F/88C-96C. Sous vide cooking duration is the sum of two components: 1) The time it takes the heat of the bath to reach the geometric […]

sous vide magret

PROCEDURE: This first step applies to all three treatments: Sous vide process the Magret in a sealed bag@ 129F/54Cx4 hours. This will pasteurize and preserve the duck breasts. Shock cold in iced water to 70F/21C to prevent autolysis; refrigerate @40F/4C. NOTE: I caution against using manufacturers’/markets’ packaging for sous vide processing. They are not necessarily […]

sous vide sous b q

Procedure: sous vide process the ribs @140F/60Cx24 hours, cold shock to 70F/21C in ice water and refrigerate @40F/4C until day of use. Remove ribs from heat rated bag and pat dry. Sprinkle with S+P, I always add a little dried parsley to help me measure… Sprinkle the ribs with a little flour, just to absorb any […]