Traditional low and slow smoking methods typically use weight to calculate cooking time. Sous vide cooking depends less on weight, and more on the largest distance measured across the narrowest thickness. It is rarely more than 2 hours for cuts of this size. WHY SOUS-B-Q? SPEAKING OF STALLS Low and slow barbecue/roasting takes care not […]

sous vide magret

PROCEDURE: This first step applies to all three treatments: Sous vide process the Magret in a sealed bag@ 129F/54Cx4 hours. This will pasteurize and preserve the duck breasts. Shock cold in iced water to 70F/21C to prevent autolysis; refrigerate @40F/4C. NOTE: I caution against using manufacturers’/markets’ packaging for sous vide processing. They are not necessarily […]

sous vide sous b q

Procedure: sous vide processed @140F/60Cx24 hours, cold shocked to 70F/21C, and refrigerated @40F/4C until day of use. Remove ribs from packaging and pat dry. Sprinkle with S+P, I always add a little dried parsley to help me measure… Sprinkle the ribs with a little flour, just to absorb any remaining moisture. Then spread one egg […]

Procedure: Seal skirt steak in vacuum or Ziploc Freezer bag and process sous vide @ 129F/54Cx36 hours. Cold shock to 70F/21C in cold/ice water, and refrigerate @40F/4C. Once chilled, remove the skirt steak from the bag. Save the juices, which can be processed according to the method linked HERE. Sprinkle the steak with the listed spices, […]