Sous Vide: Air-Roasted Chicken Breast (skin-on)

How can something so simple be so good? Sous vide adds an extra layer of safety to fresh chicken while preserving natural moisture.


Chicken breast, 1 each, approximately 12 oz/350g, skin-on (optional).
Powdered egg whites, as needed, or one each fresh.
Desired seasonings as preferred, or one of our dedicated recipes linked HERE.
Vegetable oil, a few drops as needed, or spray.



Equipment requirements

Immersion circulator, portable or stationary.
Lipavi container, minimum of 2 gallons/8 liters.
Lipavi racks, or equivalent.
Heat rated sous vide bags.
Channel or chamber vacuum device.
Cookie sheet/sheet pan, generic with screen (optional).

Above: Lipavi C15 container, N15 polycarbonate racks. Lipavi C15L-UNIR lid.

Actual prep time: 1 hour
Serves 2
Level of difficulty 1.5


Preheat your sous vide bath to 133 F/56 CVacuum seal the individual chicken breast(s) in heat rated plastic bags. Sous vide process the packages for 5 hours. 

When the interval has elapsed, shock the packages in iced water until they achieve 70 F/21 C. Refrigerate at 40 F/4 C until day of service. The sealed packages can be safely refrigerated in this state for at least two weeks.

Day of service

Preheat the oven to 400 F/200 C. If you use an air-fryer, pre-heating is not usually indicated.

Remove the packages from the refrigerator. Note the pink color–the breast is pasteurized and safe in its current state. The subsequent roasting process will create the more familiar appearance.

Remove the chicken from the packaging and harvest the small amount of juices, which can be processed as explained HERE. Place the breast on a plate or other clean surface skin side down.

Dust lightly with powdered egg white. If preferred, combine one fresh egg white with 1 oz water and beat well. Use a pastry brush to apply sparingly to the surface.

Mist with water (not necessary if you use fresh egg whites). This creates a sticky surface for seasonings to cling to.

Sprinkle with desired seasonings. Adding a little paprika to your rub will facilitate coloring.

Turn the breast over, skin side up.

Repeat the procedure with the egg whites.

Moisten again.

Repeat the seasoning procedure

Spray (or drizzle) with a light coating of oil. Allow to rest for five minutes. This is necessary to create the desired appearance of crust. Stage the breast on to the screen or oiled sheet pan. Roast in the 400 F/200 C oven until the desired color is achieved and the internal temperature is at least 130 F/55 C. A toaster oven/air fryer can also be used.

The finished product.

Slice and serve. In the picture: Cranberry drizzle, sous-jus demi-glace, cherry tomato.


Easy. Safe. Moist. Tender. Delicious!


Say good bye to dried out chicken white meat. The precisely controlled temperatures utilized in sous vide prevent over-cooking. Cold-shocking immediately after sous vide processing greatly extends shelf life. This provides the enthusiast with a ready-to-eat entrée at your convenience in less than an hour with a minimum of mess and fuss.