Sous Vide Onion Rings

For an in depth article about onion rings, go HERE.

Sous Vide Onion RIngs

  • Process your whole onion @183Fx1 hour. 
  • Shock to 70F/21C, and refrigerate to 40F/4.5C.

  • Peel, slice the onion to uniform rings, and separate.
  • The size guideline is thick enough to maintain a little strength, and  thin enough to be eaten comfortably.

  • With dry hands, gently dip, toss and sprinkle with generous amounts of flour.
  • Lay some onions down, sprinkle, shuffle carefully, until they are all dry to the touch.

  • Leftover flour can be resifted and saved for other breading projects.

  • eggs, (2 oz each) and 4 oz water.
  • Mix well.

  • Drop the onions, one by one, in to the liquid solution.
  • Make sure they are well coated, wet on all sides.

  • on a large flat surface, sprinkle a generous amount of crumbs.
  • lay the wet onion rings on the dry crumbs, not touching.

  • Sprinkle heavily with more crumbs.
  • Strain and save leftover crumbs.

  • lay out the rings and take a quick look to see how well the coating stuck.   If you see large naked spots, you can very carefully dip just those little areas back into the egg mix and then into the crumbs.

  • The hotter the oil, the sooner it will wear out, so I try to work between 300F and 325F.
  • Sprinkle with the cheese, serve with ketchup or your favorite dipping sauce.


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onion, whole, 1 ea.
eggs, 2 ea.
flour, 2 cups, as needed.
breadcrumbs, fine, 4 cups, as needed
grated Pecorino Romano and shaved Romaine, as needed. Up to one oz.
Ketchup remains the first choice. Up to one cup.

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