Pan Fried Pork Chop, Sous Vide, Asparagus Ribbons

A simple, yet colorful and tasty variation on an old standby.

sous vide pork chop


Pork loin chop, 1 ea., approx. 10 oz/325g.
Flour, as needed.
Egg, one each.
Bread crumbs, as needed.
Green Asparagus, 5 oz./150g.
Sous Vide processed red potatoes, 1 ea.
Savory Cranberry Paste, (optional), see link below.
Ginger Date Sauce, a few drops, (optional) see link below


After vacuum sealing in the bag, process the pork chop via sous vide @ 135F/57Cx4 hours.

Shock in ice water until it achieves 70F/21C. At this point you can choose to refrigerate the chop at 40 F/4 C until needed, or proceed with the recipe.

The slide above illustrates the convenience of Lipavi gear when it’s time to cold shock your project. Lightly season the chop with S+P, and use flour to dry the surface. Shake off any excess. Dip the chop in beaten egg, making sure to moisten entire surface.

Transfer chop to enough bread crumbs to coat completely, including the sides. Reserve any extra crumbs. Allow the chop to rest for at LEAST 30 minutes to give the breading time to attach itself.

The breading process is very important to achieve desirable appearance. The slides above show each step. Keep one hand dry, and one hand wet!

In the slide below, you can see the chop resting in an ample amount of crumbs. As it sits, it tends to attach itself to more, so make sure to give it plenty. Excess crumbs can be saved.

Meanwhile, cut the asparagus into ribbons, using a peeler. The method is illustrated in the photo sequence below.

Toss the asparagus with a small amount of oil, just a few drops. Heat a large saute pan or grill pan, spread the ribbons out to an equal depth, and sear for a minute or two. A small amount of browning is acceptable, stir the asparagus around to make sure it is all exposed to heat. Remove to cool. If you keep the asparagus hot, it will overcook and blacken.

Heat the parsley roasted potatoes, I like to transfer them to  warm oven, where I heat plates as well.

Preheat oven to

Shake off any excess crumbs from the pork chop, and fry until brown on medium heat in 275F/135C oil, 1/2″ deep, 2cm. Transfer to the oven, and bake for ten minutes. After the time has elapsed, arrange some of the asparagus on the center of the plate, place a potato and the pork chop on top. Dot with the cranberry paste and ginger date sauce.

Click HERE for the recipe for the potatoes.

Tips, Tricks, and How To!

See the slide below for an explanation of internal color standards.

sous vide pan fried pork chop

With patience and care, simple presentations can be the most appealing. Shapes and colors are a lot more important than difficulty and complexity.


Pork chops are taken for granted as a familiar and fool proof dinner item, but suffer frequently from under-and over-cooking. Everyone has endured the dry and tough version, most often the result of an effort to prevent pink near the bone. Sous vide eliminates both of these mishaps, meanwhile greatly extending shelf life if properly cold shocked.


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