Grilled Lamb Sandwich with Pecorino Romano

Tender lamb, spicy pecorino Romano, and zesty mint chimichurri make for a robust sandwich.

sous vide leg of lamb


Sliced sous vide lamb leg, 7 oz./200 g.
Sliced French bread, or your preference, 2 slices.
Pecorino Romano cheese, 2 oz/60 g.
Tomato, one small, approx. 4 oz./110 g.
Mixed baby greens, 1.5 oz. /50 g.
S+P, as needed.
Extra virgin olive oil, as needed.
Mint Gastrique, as needed.
Butter, 1.5 oz./45 g, for grilling the bread and sauteing the lamb.
Mint Chimichurri, 1/2 oz./15 g


If you already have a leg of lamb shocked cold, move on to the next slide.

Click HERE for the mint gastrique recipe and video.

Mint Chimichurri:

Mint, fresh, 1oz/30g
Garlic, peeled, 2 cloves
Extra virgin olive oil, 3 oz/90 ml.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Blend in blender until smooth.

Making the Sandwich

When making the salad, add 1/2 oz./15g Mint Chimichurri for a zesty kick!

Press down lightly on the sandwich before cutting in half.




This application utilizes a sous vide processed leg of lamb that has been cold shocked after processing and/or after the initial service. The result is a tender, perfectly cooked protein with a totally natural, unadulterated flavor. Additional slides at the bottom of the page outline the basic procedure for processing the lamb.

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