Sous Vide - improved

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Sous Vide Racks

Are you tired of food floating around in the water bath?

Our racks are designed to make sous vide cooking as hassle free as possible (- they are also excellent for smoking and freezing food!) When using our racks, the food stays vertically in the water bath; this ensures an even warming process. All of our racks are adjustable and collapsible, and come with dividers ensuring appropriate distance between the food – so the water can flow freely. This is also key when smoking, cooling or freezing food.

Some key features of our racks:

  • much higher capacity in the water bath
  • the food will always warm evenly
  • freezing and cooling takes less than half as much time
  • no more food pouches floating around in the water bath
  • much more controll over the process when smoking food
  • combines with a sous vide rack and a lid to make a full system

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