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Why Sous Vide Racks?

The original LIPAVI Sous Vide Rack have become some of the most sought after Sous Vide Accessories in the modern kitchen.

Using our Sous Vide Rack makes the process easier and more organized, effectively doubles the capacity in your water bath and ensures even warming. Position the adjustable dividers as you like - they create appropriate distance between the food pouches, so that water can flow freely. This makes the warming process more effective, as the food is warmed evenly.

For best results, combine your LIPAVI Sous Vide Rack with a Sous Vide Container and a Lid for a complete system. We have a solution for virtually every circulator on the market!

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✅ TIRED OF BAGS FLOATING AROUND IN THE BATH? – When you start cooking sous vide, you will often find yourself in a situation where your bags are floating around in the water bath – hardly the organized and efficient process you were looking forward to! The LIPAVI Sous Vide Rack to the rescue. Using a Sous Vide Rack will double the capacity of your water bath, and maintain a distance between the food pouches, ensuring optimal circulation and even warming.

✅ PART OF THE LIPAVI SOUS VIDE SYSTEM – We are a dedicated team of sous vide enthusiasts, looking to optimize your (and our own!) cooking experience. With the perfect process as an ideal, we have developed a complete SV system. Our new rack comes in three different sizes – the N10 rack is our “Family Size” model and will fit perfectly in your LIPAVI C10 Sous Vide Container. In addition, we make tailored lids for virtually ALL immersion circulators on the market.

✅ The LIPAVI Sous Vide Rack made from Polycarbonate and 316L Stainless steel weights – TRIED AND TESTED

✅ CONSERVE SPACE IN YOUR KITCHEN – EASY TO STORE WHEN NOT IN USE – The LIPAVI sous vide racks are collapsible and easy to store when not in use.

✅ DISHWASHER SAFE: Dish Washer proof – High Temperature tolerance -40 to 210 F

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