L20 Stainless Steel Sous Vide Rack

We call the L20 the “Big Party Sous Vide Rack” – for a reason. The L20 is great for cooking large amounts of food. In our test kitchen, we managed to fit a whopping 24 steaks in it – imagine how many burgers you could fit! If you want to cook for larger groups of people, this is the one to get. Fits the LIPAVI C20 Sous Vide Container.

Why Sous Vide Racks?

The original LIPAVI Sous Vide Rack have become some of the most sought after Sous Vide Accessories in the modern kitchen.

Using our Sous Vide Rack makes the process easier and more organized, effectively doubles the capacity in your water bath and ensures even warming. Position the adjustable dividers as you like - they create appropriate distance between the food pouches, so that water can flow freely. This makes the warming process more effective, as the food is warmed evenly.

For best results, combine your LIPAVI Sous Vide Rack with a Sous Vide Container and a Lid for a complete system. We have a solution for virtually every circulator on the market!

Get the full system!

Four sizes - new universal lids now in stock!

The smallest LIPAVI system, in use with the Anova Pro circulator

Capacity 5 L - 7 qt0

L5 Sous Vide Rack

Universal lid

Our standard, medium size system - in use with the Chefsteps Joule circulator

Capacity 10 L - 12 qt

N10X sous vide rack

w. anti float

Universal lid

Our large model system, in use with a Gourmia circulator!

Capacity 15 L - 21 qt

Up to 2x N15X sous vide rack

w. anti float

Universal lid

Our biggest, party-sized system, here used with the Anova Precision circulator!

Capacity 20 L - 24 qt

Up to 2x N20 sous vide rack

Universal lid

Further info about the product:


  • Maintains the appropriate space between the pouches throughout the cooking process in the water bath
  • Even and quick warming and adjustable to thickness of pouches – and the capacity becomes much higher
  • Safe and easy handling – lift all pouches in and out of the water bath by simply lifting the rack
  • Lipavi sous vide racks are the perfect companion to Supreme, Demi, Anova, Nomiku, Sansaire, etc
  • Lipavi has several sous vide racks models to fit any water tank – and all models are collapsible when not in use


LIPAVI Sous Vide Rack – Model L20- Marine Quality 316L Stainless Steel-Square 13.2 x 9.8 Inch-Adjustable, Collapsible,Ensures even and Quick warming with Sous Vide Cooking – Fits LIPAVI C20 Container

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Stainless Steel 316L