Sous Vide Celery Remoulade

Remoulade sauce and its uncle, Tartar sauce are typically served with deep fried fish or shellfish.

sous vide remoulade


Celery stalks, 12 oz./350g
Onion, one whole, approx. 12 oz/350g
Capers, 2 oz./60g., WELL DRAINED
Parsley, chopped, 1/2 cup/125ml
Dijon mustard, 2 oz./50g
S+P as needed
Lemon juice, 2 oz./60ml.
Mayonnaise, 2 cups/500ml.


Process the celery and the onion simultaneously via sous vide, 183F/84Cx1 hour.

Shock cold to 70F/21C and refrigerate to 40F/4C. Peel onion and chop into small dice.

sous vide remoulade

sous vide remoulade

Chop the celery into small dice. Combine the onion, celery, and remaining ingredients and season to taste. Remoulade is frequently spicy hot, but I recommend leaving that up to the preparer’s discretion. Not everyone is so tolerant of “heat.”




The flavors and textures are a perfect compliment. Remoulade goes well with any fish, but the crispy bite of the sauce doesn't always complement the softer texture of fish prepared by other means. This sauce is a response to that need.

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