Sous Vide: “Green Machine” Seasoning

Sous vide processing provides perfectly cooked food--this vibrant seasoning creates a flavorful, aromatic punch.


Kosher salt, 1 cup/300 g.
White pepper, ground.
White flour, 1/3 cup/40 grams. (optional).
Herbs, fresh (green), totaling 1 oz/30 g, to include, but not limited to: oregano/marjoram, basil, thyme, dill, rosemary, sage, parsley, cilantro, chives, etc.


Egg white, 1 each.
Water, 1 oz/30 ml.
Vegetable oil, 1 oz/30 ml or vegetable spray as needed.

Green Machine Seasoning

Flavor profile: Contemporary
level of difficulty–3


Use a food processor to combine herbs, white pepper, flour (optional) and salt until fine. Set aside.
In a separate container, use a fork to mix 1 egg white with 1 oz/30 ml water. Brush or lightly moisten surface of protein with egg white mixture. Dip the top surface of the chilled protein into the rub. Wait 5 minutes. If desired, turn over onto a silicone baking sheet or other non stick surface and repeat the coating process. The total amount of rub used should not exceed 2 teaspoons/lb, 4 teaspoons/Kg.

Drizzle top with a few drops of oil (or spray).
Sear in a few drops of vegetable oil in saute pan pre-heated to 350 F/176 C.
After use, store seasoning in a sealed container in a cool dark place.

Above: freshly made Green Machine Seasoning–note the brilliant “avocado” color.

Application pictured:

Pork shoulder roast, sous vide processed @135 F/57 C X 24 hours. Cold shocked in iced water to 70 F/21 C and refrigerated at 40 F/4 C until day of service.

Below: Green Machine Seasoning after five days–still vibrant, but more of an olive/caramel hue.

Norm King



Green Machine seasoning was designed specifically to utilize seasonally available fresh herbs. Any of the herbal ingredients can be eliminated, substituted for or increased without affecting the overall outcome. This mix has a fresh taste and will remain bright green for several days at room temperature. As it ages, it darkens somewhat but retains its unique zest.

Chill the surface of sous vide processed proteins to between 40-70 F/4-21 C before applying rubs and seasoning mixes. This prevents the original target temperature from being exceeded during the finishing process. Simply submerge the sealed package in iced tap water for 3-5 minutes.

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