Sous Vide Cheeseburgers in the Pellet Grill!

In our first burger recipe installment, we showed how ground beef patties cooked sous vide made perfection easily achievable. Determination of safety becomes a foregone conclusion. The patty comes out of the tank cooked to a precise appearance of doneness.
This subsequent treatment demonstrates how to introduce natural smoke into the equation.


Ground beef patties; assorted sizes ranging from 90g-270g.

I used 80/20, lean to fat.
Hamburger buns, as needed
Iceberg lettuce, 1 oz./30g/burger.
Sliced tomatoes, as needed by preference
Cheese, Cheddar, 2 oz./55g.
Mayonnaise, 1 oz./28g.
S+P, as needed.
Butter, to spread on the buns.

Serves 2-3 people/lb of ground beef (450 g)

Level of difficulty 2.25

It’s hard to believe that this….

is going to end up looking like a good old fashioned Burger. There is no reason to tinker with the way burgers look. Either they really look great, or we are so used to them looking the way they do that it doesn’t matter, Burgers need to look like burgers. Wrapped in wax paper in a cheapo plastic basket, stuffed in a bag, it’s all good as long as it looks the way it has always looked when we get to it. Big. Messy. Even sinful. It is what it is.
And we’re going to have the best of both worlds. Wholesome, easily prepped ahead of time, with a flavor that brings honor to deciduous trees everywhere. Here’s how:


Early efforts to adapt sous vide to the iconic American "sandwich" did not always meet the consumers' expectations. Shaping and thickness in the vacuum were frequently compromised, and it was difficult to achieve the familiar outward appearance without overcooking the meat itself.

Once temperature shocking became more frequently implemented, it became easier to achieve a more familiar model.
Now we are going to show what happens when you introduce the RecTec Hot Smoker to the overall procedure.


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