Sous Vide Artichokes Saute, Crusty Rub #1, Aioli

An exciting departure for the most popular of edible thistles.

sous vide short ribs


Egg whites, 1 ea. (save the yolk for the aioli).
Rub#1. one recipe.
Vegetable oil, as needed.

Egg yolk, one each.
Garlic cloves, 1 oz.30 g.
Dijon Mustard, 1Tablespoon/20 g.
Lemon Juice, 1 oz./30 ml.
Extra virgin olive oil, 1 cup/ 240 ml.
S+P, to taste.


Process artichokes via sous vide @
183F/84Cx4 hours.

Artichokes are determined to float, which interferes with sous vide processing. If sealed using a chamber vacuum they can be weighted and held under water by using a Lipavi Rack (see below).

If using Ziploc Quart Freezer bags it may be necessary to add some water to the bag before sealing in order to accomplish this. Remove as much air from the bag as possible. Because of the precise temperature used (183F/84C), the end product still benefits from the sous vide processing.

Cold shock the artichokes to 70F/21C in ice water and refrigerate @40F/4C until day of service. Remove artichoke from bag and cut in quarters. Remove the hairy choke using a paring knife or spoon. Sprinkle lightly with flour and coat the artichoke quarters well with the beaten egg white. Set aside.

Make the Aioli:

In a measuring cup or similarly shaped vessel, put the egg yolk, olive oil, garlic, mustard, S+P and the juice of one lemon. Make sure the vessel is tall and narrow so that the stick blender fits snugly in the bottom. Begin pulsing the stick blender, and you will see the olive oil being pulled into the mixture below.

Do not lift the blender up at this timeContinue pulsing the emulsion until most or all of the olive oil has been incorporated. If there is still a little on top, use a spoon to stir it in. Lifting the blender prematurely can break the emulsion. This means you have to wait a while and start over!

Roll the artichoke segments in Rub #1. Heat a saute pan to 350F/176C,

Add 2 oz/50 ml. of vegetable oil and fry on the flat edges first. Finish on the curved edge and lower the heat to simmer. Cover with a loose fitting lid to fully force heat into the artichoke.

Arrange the artichokes on a plate with some of the aioli. I drizzled a little Cholula sauce on top for a kick.

The egg white coating and the small amount of flour/baking powder in the rub mix create a very secure crust. With the yolk set aside, the presence of the egg white is nearly undetectable.

The appearance of the dish is vibrant and stunning, even during the process of eating.

Watch for upcoming recipes utilizing this and other rubs!



It was not so long ago that artichokes were a novelty and restaurants used canned Spanish artichokes out of seasonal convenience. As diners have become more sophisticated, the popularity of fresh artichokes has grown.

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