Potatosotto, Sous Vide

I saw this dish on a menu description years ago, and it was intriguing--until I saw how they actually made it, and how it came out. I don't know how they got the idea of calling it potato risotto, because it was really just diced potatoes boiled in cream until they fell apart. This is a classic case of contrivance outweighing accurate descriptions.

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Russet OR red potatoes, 4 oz. peeled, cut into large uniform chunks.
Stock or water, 4 oz./120 ml.
Butter, .2 oz/60 g.
Reggiano or Asiago,1 oz/30 g, shaved
As much chopped parsley as you can muster. I like chopped parsley.

Serves 2-3
Level of difficulty 2.5


saffron potatosoto

Pulse the food processor and watch. The potatoes assume the approximate size of rice kernels in just a few seconds.

saffron potatosoto

Load into a Ziploc Quart Bag sitting in a 16 oz/480 ml glass. Add 4 oz/120 ml stock or water. Lower the bag into the rack in the bath and hang the open end over the lip of the container. Use the lid to secure the bag. Process Sous Vide at
183 F/84 C for 1 hour.

saffron potatosoto

After an hour, it will look like this. To save for later, shock to 70 F/21 C and refrigerate to 40 F. To finish immediately, shock to 70 F/21 C and proceed.


Add the butter to the pan and let it melt.


Unload the potatoes from the bag. Turn up the heat all the way. Add the parsley.


As the potatoes come to a boil with the butter, the emulsion will instantly form. Starch+H2O+Butter=easy emulsion. Add the cheese, and turn off the burner. If the cheese is boiled, it will become stringy.

saffron potato soto

With an oz. of cream and pinch saffron. Very versatile.


Next day’s breakfast, the saffron potatosoto with a poached egg and some balsamic syrup.


I can’t say it too many times–do not cook cheese. Cheese is a matrix that tangles water, protein, and fat, no easy task. It is very heat sensitive.

With Sous Vide leeks and a little Kecap Manis.

Norm King


I carried the idea around with me for a few years, and finally this idea dawned on me. Risotto made with risotto can be tricky, difficult, and even expensive. This dish is none of those things.

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