C20 – Sous Vide Container – Party Size

The C20 is our largest sous vide container. Combined with the LIPAVI L20 Sous Vide Rack, it will easily fit food for 20 people – that’s why we call it the “Party size”!

Why Sous Vide Containers?

Yes, you can cook sous vide in a pot, the sink, or even a bath tub. But do you really want to?

Jokes aside: Our Sous Vide Containers are made from durable and extremely strong polycarbonate. They make it possible to see your food while cooking. We also manufacture tailor made lids for your immersion circulator, and a matching Sous Vide Rack for your container.

LIPAVI sous vide containers are all exactly 8 inches tall. This is the best height for cooking sous vide with immersion circulators currently on the market.

For best results, combine your LIPAVI Sous Vide Container with a Sous Vide Rack and a Lid for a complete system. We have a solution for virtually every circulator on the market!

Part of the LIPAVI system

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Further info about the product:

Additional information


21×12.8×8 inches


26 quarts / 20 l


Crystal Clear Polycarbonate

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