A clear Polycarbonate container for use with your immersion circulator. A dedicated, tight fitting lid for your circulator, which practically eliminates vaporization. A sous vide rack, which insures efficient transfer of heat and circulation of water. Our racks can also be used to keep bags secured with the seal up, to further prevent leakage.

Harder steel – stays sharp for longer High-carbon VG10 steel makes the knife stay razor sharp for a long time between sharpening. The knife stays sharp, so you can spend most of your time cooking instead of sharpening – that’s why we love it. Extremely durable Combined with the tough blades, the LIPAVI knife handles are made from G10 Fiberglass. This is a really hard, military grade material and can withstand extreme conditions. Temperatures up to 284F (140C) without deforming. Modern design – elegantly packaged Clean, simple and functional – the LIPAVI knives look as good as they work. All our knives are packaged in a luxury wooden gift box.