C20L-NO – Lid for the C20 container

Tailor made for your Nomiku Immersion Circulator in combination with your LIPAVI C20 Sous Vide Container

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This lid fits:


Part of the LIPAVI system

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Why Sous Vide Lids?

Using a tailor made lid for your circulator, massively reduces heat loss and practically eliminates evaporation. For longer cooking sessions, this will make a world of a difference.

Our lids are an elegant solution to the heat-loss/evaporation challenge. The precise cut-out is tailor-made for your immersion circulator - it just slips right on!

Combine your LIPAVI lid with a Sous Vide Container and a practical Sous Vide Rack for a complete system. We have lids for virtually every circulator on the market!

Further info about the product:


  • Fits LIPAVI C20 Sous Vide Container
  • Cut-out tailored for the Gizmo and Nomiku immersion circulators
  • Crystal Clear and Strong Polycarbonate
  • Prevents evaporation and conserves heat
  • High temperature tolerance, from -40 to 210 F

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