Call it Picanha, Coulette, or even the decidedly unromantic generic term “Top Sirloin Flap,” this cut offers a unique texture, especially tender despite its density and coarse grain.   Procedure: After vacuum sealing the roast in heat tolerant plastic, sous vide process the roast at 127F/53CX12 hours. After this time has elapsed, shock the roast […]

I used to know a guy named “Al Mattone.” The people who write menus for restaurants avoid describing food in English as if it were somehow shameful or amateurish. Meanwhile, we Americans consider ourselves self-righteously superior in every way until we peruse a menu with a few foreign words strategically laced into it. The practice of […]

Traditional low and slow smoking methods typically use weight to calculate cooking duration–usually in the neighborhood of 25 minutes/lb, at smoker/oven temperatures between 180F-225F/82C-107C. The target internal temperature of the meat is between 191F-205F/88C-96C. Sous vide cooking duration is the sum of two components: 1) The time it takes the heat of the bath to reach the geometric […]

sous vide magret

PROCEDURE: This first step applies to all three treatments: Sous vide process the Magret in a sealed bag@ 129F/54Cx4 hours. This will pasteurize and preserve the duck breasts. Shock cold in iced water to 70F/21C to prevent autolysis; refrigerate @40F/4C. NOTE: I caution against using manufacturers’/markets’ packaging for sous vide processing. They are not necessarily […]

sous vide sous b q

Procedure: sous vide process the ribs @140F/60Cx24 hours, cold shock to 70F/21C in ice water and refrigerate @40F/4C until day of use. Remove ribs from heat rated bag and pat dry. Sprinkle with S+P, I always add a little dried parsley to help me measure… Sprinkle the ribs with a little flour, just to absorb any […]

Procedure: Seal skirt steak in vacuum or Ziploc Freezer bag and process sous vide @ 129F/54Cx36 hours. Cold shock to 70F/21C in cold/ice water, and refrigerate @40F/4C. Once chilled, remove the skirt steak from the bag. Save the juices, which can be processed according to the method linked HERE. Sprinkle the steak with the listed spices, […]

sous vide pulled pork

Procedure: Where we left off… In the original RECIPE, the entire pork shoulder is sous vide processed @135F/57Cx24 hours, shocked and refrigerated to 40F/4C, coated with seasonings and hot smoked @180f/82Cx4 hours. See recipe for detailed information. At that point, the roast looks like this: The roast is then cut into steaks and cutlets for various applications. While […]

sous vide pork

Procedure: IF YOU PLAN TO MAKE THE ENTIRE ENTREE PRESENTION, COMPLETE THESE STEPS FIRST. OTHERWISE, PROCEED TO “Processing the Pork Shoulder” below.  Process the carrots @183F/84Cx1 hour, cold shock: Make Mille-Feuille Potatoes–these two items can be done simultaneously at 183F/84C.  Processing the pork shoulder. Seal boneless pork butt/shoulder roast in vacuum or Ziploc Freezer gallon […]

sous vide burger

Preparation: Ring forms are like cookie cutters, except will dull edges. They are useful to manipulate hamburger patties into uniform shapes and thickness.People are always telling me how many ring forms they recently purchased so that they could mass produce their sous vide patties. The fact is, if you use Ziploc freezer bags to do […]

sous vide greens

 Procedure: Place the greens into a large bowl or sheet pan. Sprinkle very lightly with S+P. Wait a few minutes, and the greens will just start to shrink down. DO NOT ADD ANY FORM OF ACID–LEMON JUICE OR VINEGAR WILL DISSOLVE THE GREENS. Load greens as tightly as possible into a vacuum bag, and remove […]

sous vide pastrami hash

Procedure: Cut pastrami into approx. 1 oz./30g. pieces. Using the paddle attachment on a Kitchenaid type mixer, mix the beef until it shreds. The alternative is to put the pastrami in a Ziploc Gallon bag and tap with a rolling pin until it comes apart. Add the chives, and then the oatmeal. Mix well. Set […]

sous vide carrot

Procedure: Peel the carrots, and trim off the very ends. Seal the carrots in vacuum or Ziploc Freezer Bags, and process in the sous vide bath @ 183F/84Cx 1 hour. Cold shock the packages in 70F/21C water until the water’s temperature stays at that temperature for fifteen minutes. Add ice or more cold water as […]

sous vide brulee

  Procedure: Separate the egg yolks from the whites, reserve the whites. Combine the yolks with the sugar in a blender. A stick blender may also be used, it can even be done  with a wire whip. Blend well, and you will see the mixture increase in volume as it forms a ribbon. Once it […]

sous vide marinade

  Procedure: Load the chickens into vacuum bags or Ziploc Freezer Bags. Click Here for how to use the Ziploc method. Process the chicken fully submerged as shown in the slide below @ 135F/58Cx 4 hours. Once the time has elapsed, remove the water from the vessel (I use a siphon), and refill with 70F/21C […]

sous vide carrot

Procedure: Peel the celery. This is not as difficult as it sounds, and makes a significant difference in the end result, regardless of how you serve it. Use a vegetable peeler, much like you would a a carrot–peel one end, turn the celery around, and peel the other. The remaining peel is quite tough, but […]

sous vide rib eye

See the recipe for the special rub HERE Sous Vide process the Rib Eye steak @ 125F/52Cx2 hours. While the steak is processing, prepare the asparagus and tomatoes. Use a vegetable peeler to remove the tough outer skin of the asparagus. Peel long strokes starting at the tip. Carefully cut the asparagus in half lengthwise, […]

sous vide coq au vin (72)

Click HERE for the link to the Chicken Demi-glace. Procedure: Make sure you have sous vide processed chicken on hand. Always arrange the chicken in a single layer. Sometimes I separate dark meat from light, but it’s not necessary, pasteurization times and temperatures are the same–usually 140F/60cx4-6 hours. The longer interval will result in a […]

sous vide bric chicken (25)

Procedure: Sous vide process the chicken @140F/60Cx4 hours. Shock in ice water to 70F/21C, and refrigerate to 40F/4C. Combine the salad ingredients EXCEPT the oil and the sesame seeds in a bowl and refrigerate to cure for a few minutes. Before service, drain excess juices, and add oil. When plating the salad, sprinkle the seeds […]

sous vide lamb

Australian Leg of Lamb, processing via sous vide @132F/56CX24 hours. Procedure: The vegetables provide a lot of flavor to the eventual dipping sauce. In concert with the meat itself, this hearty stock is what always made the roast beef version of this dish stand out. Coat the vegetables with a little bit of oil to […]

Procedure: Put the water in the pan, turn the heat on high, add the sugar and stir only long enough to dissolve. Stirring after this point will cause the sugar to form large crystals, so just shake the pan to keep the heat even. Once you see the syrup begin to darken slightly, turn off […]

sous vide leg of lamb

Click HERE to assure a successful sous vide project EVERY TIME. Leg of Lamb Procedure: After sealing the lamb in the bag, process via sous vide @ 132F/56Cx24 hours. Click HERE for the recipe for the potatoes used in this dish. Before advancing to the next step, prepare the carrots as explained below: Once the carrots are processing: […]

sous vide yogurt chicken

Procedure: Seal the chicken in vacuum or Ziploc Freezer bags, using the method described HERE. Process the chicken via sous vide @135-145F/57C-63C for 4-6 hours, depending on your preference. This will pasteurize the chicken. Shock in ice water to 70F/21C and refrigerate. Shocking prevents the activation of spoilage mechanisms. This is actually true of ALL […]

sous vide trout pan fried (30)

Procedure: Remove any white stalk from the ends of the asparagus. Using a zester, hold it flat and cut long strips. Do not rotate. Drag the zester from the tips towards the end of the stems. Deep fry @325F/163C just until you see a few pieces turning brown. Remove from the oil and lay on a […]

sous vide remoulade

Procedure: Process the celery and the onion simultaneously via sous vide, 183F/84Cx1 hour. Shock cold to 70F/21C and refrigerate. Peel onion and chop into small dice. Chop the celery into small dice. Combine the onion, celery, and remaining ingredients, and season to taste. Remoulade is frequently spicy hot, but I recommend leaving that up to […]

sous vide trout pan fried (30)

Click here to see how to remove the bones! Or HERE (Video with music!) Procedure: Once the trout, or other similarly sized fin fish has been acquired, lay it on parchment or plastic film to make clean up easier. Remove the head and tail, if desired. Season the fish, if desired. NOTE: Only salt (sodium […]

trout carpaccio

This white trout is cured in kosher salt, calculated to: 1 T/25g per pound. 1 oz/28m vinegar per pound is also added. Other herbs, spices, vegetables may be added, but are not part of the curing chemistry. Kosher salt is used for this process because iodized salt will cause discoloration during curing. The vinegar itself does not actually penetrate the surface of […]

sous vide trout pan fried (30)

Procedure:Fresh from the butcher… Tongue on the left, Oxtails on the right. Process the tongue via sous vide @145F/63Cx48 hours. Shock to 70F/21C. Refrigerate. Trim the skin off using a small knife, and cut into thin strips. Process all the vegetables via sous vide in Ziploc bags @183F/84Cx1 hour. Again, shock to 145F/63C and refrigerate […]

sous vide chix wing aftermath (19)

I processed ten lbs. of the party wings, 140F/60Cx6 hours. I shocked them to 70F/21C in ice water, before refrigerating them, so as to avoid temperature contamination in the refrigerator. This could have been done a week in advance, as long as the seal on the packaging wasn’t cracked. Even longer, because of…that’s right…the wings are pasteurized. Like a […]

sous vide bison oxtails (37)

Procedure: Bison Oxtails Bison ox tails are smaller than those from steers, and usually weigh less than two lbs. after being skinned. This is about 1/3 of the size of an oxtail from typical cattle. The joints are extremely tight, so make sure the ox tail is fully defrosted. Split the tail in half. This […]

sous vide hollandaise (7)

  Equipment needed: SV device, vessel, and rack. Ziploc quart bag. Stick blender. Procedure: Preheat your SV vessel to 183F/84C. I clip a Ziploc quart bag to my Lipavi rack… 2 egg yolks (or one whole egg), one lemon, and the butter Squeeze the lemon through a strainer, and everything goes into the bag cold. […]