sous vide leg of lamb

What To Do First in Sous Vide Processing

Once you have selected your sous vide item, seal the protein or vegetable to be processed in Ziploc Freezer bags, using the method described HERE. A vacuum chamber device may also be used, see manufacturer’s guides for directions.

Make sure the water in your bath is preheated to the correct temperature. Make sure there is room for water to circulate around ALL  of the packages, and that they are all fully submerged.

Process the package via sous vide according to the directions in the recipe. Typically, this is intended to pasteurize the contents. When the process is completed, shock the package in ice water to 70F/21C and refrigerate until use if the recipe instructs you to do so. Shocking prevents the activation of spoilage mechanisms. This procedure can and should be applied to ALL cooked foods, whenever possible, unless they are to be served immediately. All food suffers from exposure to extended periods of time between 70F/21C and 90F/32C.

When necessary, dip the chilled package in warm tap water for a minute or two to melt the gel that surrounds the protein. Remove from the packaging, and reserve the gel for clarification, which is explained HERE.  Pat dry with a clean towel, and proceed with the recipe.

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