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Sous Vide Leg of Lamb, Boneless

Unlike other popular proteins, lamb fat tends to burn easily--sous vide deftly avoids this tendency.

sous vide leg of lamb


Lamb leg, boneless, 1 ea., 5-6 lbs./2.5-3Kg.
Flour, to coat lamb.
eggs, one each.
S+P, to taste.

Mint Chimichurri:
Mint, fresh, 4 oz/120g (at least 1 liter, loose).
Garlic, peeled, .5 oz./15g.
Extra virgin olive oil, 12 0z./650g.
S+P to taste.

Mint Gastrique:
Sugar, 1 cup/250ml.
Water, 2 T./30ml.
Vinegar, 2 oz./60ml.
Mint, stems and leaves, 1 oz./30g.

Turned Carrots:
Carrots, 2 ea,

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Leg of Lamb Procedure:

After sealing the lamb in the bag, process via sous vide @
132F/56Cx24 hours.

Click HERE for the recipe for the potatoes used in this dish.

Before advancing to the next step, prepare the carrots as explained below:

Once the carrots are processing: Make the

Mint Gastrique:

Heat the water and the sugar in a pan. Stir only long enough to dissolve, and do not stir again. Slowly swirl the pan, and the bubbles in the syrup will get larger and larger. After about 5 minutes, you will see the syrup begin to darken and caramelize. Remove from heat, add the vinegar carefully, and the syrup will sizzle and bubble. Add the mint, stir to moisten, and set aside. Once cool, strain out the leaves, and save the syrup.

Click here to see a short video demonstrating the gastrique!

Preheat oven to

Remove the lamb from the bag, reserving the juices for later processing. Place on a clean towel and pat dry. Sprinkle the top and sides of the roast lightly with flour to further dry the surface. Paint with beaten egg. Sprinkle with Kosher or Maldon salt and a little ground black pepper.

Put the roast on a baking sheet or large pie pan and roast in the oven for about 15 minutes, to create the crust. Meanwhile, make the

Mint Chimichurri:

Combine mint, garlic, oil, S+P in a blender and process until smooth. Set aside.

Remove the lamb from oven, and remove the netting.

Put some Mint Chimichurri in the middle of the plate. Garnish with a few of the carrots.

Click HERE for the recipe for the potatoes.

Drizzle with a little mint gastrique and place a slice of the lamb on top. Garnish with fresh mint.

See the picture arrays below for a few tips and tricks. Hold your mouse above the pictures  to take a closer look via the zoom feature!




Gently searing a crust on the meat after sous vide processing prevents scorching, so the naturally mild flavor of the meat can be better enjoyed.


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