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Sous Vide: Herb Crusted Lamb Leg Steak

A simple yet tasty variant of the traditional application

sous vide leg of lamb


Lamb Steak(s), 7 oz./200g each.
Egg white, 1 each per 2 steaks.
Mint Chimichurri, see recipe below.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as needed
S+P, as needed.
Carrot, 1 ea.
Asparagus spears, approx. 6 ea.
Tomato, 1 ea. small
Chopped parsley, as needed.
Balsamic syrup or Kecap Manis (available in Asian stores), ,a few drops for decoration.
Mint Gastrique, as needed (see link below).


Sous vide process the lamb as explained in the slides below @
132F/55Cx24 hours.

After processing the leg of lamb, shock in ice water until 70F/21C, and refrigerate at 40F/4C. This may take up to an hour but is very important for food safety reasons. If you served some of the lamb immediately after processing, re-seal it in a Ziploc freezer bag and make sure it achieves 70F/21C before you return it to the refrigerator. This preserves the fresh quality of the lamb. It also prevents the ambient temperature in the refrigerator from rising to dangerous levels. Once the lamb has achieved 40F/4C, cut steaks at approximately 7 oz./200g.

Mint Chimichurri:

Mint, fresh, 1oz/30g
Garlic, peeled, 2 cloves
Extra virgin olive oil, 3 0z./80ml.
S+P to taste.
Blend in blender until smooth.

While the steak is resting, prepare the asparagus slaw.

and the Chimichurri tomatoes. See the recipe for Mint Gastrique HERE.

Once the accompaniments are completed, you can grill the lamb steak. Use medium heat.

The slide below outlines the steps for grilling and the very simple presentation.

See the slide below for some more information about the initial processing.




Sous vide gives us the opportunity to create presentations that were impractical or even impossible in the past. A steak cut from a raw Leg of Lamb, whether bone-in or bone out, must be braised in order to be tender, and will not have a steak-like appearance when it's done. Sous vide processing the leg of lamb before cutting the steaks solves this problem.

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