5″ Utility Knife – Japanese Damascus Steel

The Utility Knife is often seen as the “baby brother” of the Chef’s Knife. Sometimes, a smaller knife is just more practical! Just like all the other LIPAVI knives, the KUT1 comes in a beautiful wooden gift box.


  • RAZOR SHARP: The blade is sharpened to a smaller angle than most knives, this makes for an even sharper edge!
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE: Made from high quality japanese steel with a top of the line fiberglass handle, your LIPAVI knife will stay sharp for a very long time between sharpening – and it can withstand EXTREME conditions!
  • WELL DESIGNED: Stylish, simple, elegant and ergonomic. A santoku knife like this is bound to be a conversational piece.
  • ELEGANTLY PACKAGED: All LIPAVI knives come in a luxurious, hinged wooden box. Perfect for storage, and even more perfect as a gift!