Sous-B-Q™: Corn on the Cob with the Lipavi Rack/Jo-Joes

Sous vide processing in advance of the smoking process precludes the necessity to wrap the corn in foil. Jo-jo potatoes are an added bonus.

sous vide smoked corn


Corn, Fresh, 4 ears.
Rub #2 for Sous-B-Q™, as needed, see link to recipe below.
Egg white, one each.
Flour, as needed.

Russet Potatoes, 2 each.

Click HERE to see the recipe for the rub!


Seal  the corn using a chamber vacuum, FoodSaver, or Ziploc freezer bags. Arrange the corn in the LIPAVI racks and lower into the bath. When they are done, you can remove the hot water from the bath and replace with ice water, or, remove the racks of corn and plunge into cold water in another vessel.

Process the corn via Sous Vide @
183F/84Cx4 hours.

Cold shock and store in a refrigerator until day of use. I always use the Lipavi racks to store in the refrigerator, because it prevents temperature abuse. It also helps keep things organized. This can all be safely done several days in advance as you prepare for your back yard BBQ! On the day of service, remove the corn and cut each cob in half–it’s much easier after they have been processed! Put the corn in a Ziploc gallon bag and sprinkle in 1 oz./30g. flour–just enough to lightly coat. Add the egg white to the bag, and toss until there are no dry spots. This saves a lot of mess!

Pour the  Rub #2  out on parchment, and roll the corn in it. Save the leftover rub.

Arrange the corn in your Lipavi racks, and secure with the barrier inserts. Smoke (or roast) @
400F/204CX1 hour.

Note: Racks do an excellent job of preventing the rub from being dislodged from the corn. They also ensure good circulation of heat just as they do when being used in the vessel for sous vide processing.

Racks can be used for every step of the process–loading before going into the bath, during processing in the bath, during the cooling process, and even during refrigeration. Lipavis are oven proof and dishwasher proof. Afterwards, they can be used again during the hot or cold smoking process and again for a cooling process!

Sous Vide and Hot Smoking are natural companions. Sous vide eliminates the constant monitoring required to prevent proteins from becoming over charred during the process of cooking, and hot smoking provides textures, colors, and flavors that sous vide does not. This provided the impetus for my enthusiastic foray into Sous-B-Q. With summer upon us watch the site for more examples of the syzygy of modernist sous vide and old fashioned back yard barbecuing!

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With but slight variations, the process for corn can be easily applied to Russet Potatoes with excellent results. Potatoes are processed @
183F/84Cx1 hour

The coating procedure is exactly the same. I try to make enough that there are some potatoes “left over” because they are also excellent deep fried, see below.

This preparation is well worth what might seem to be countless steps in its preparation–first sous vide, then refrigeration by necessity, then smoking, then refrigerating again, and then cutting into wedges and deep frying–we used to call them Jo-joes, way back when.

Even so, most of the time involved is easily devoted to other tasks. The reward is considerable. Sour cream and chives, ketchup, prep free for the most part! I hope you enjoy these treatments of vegetables synergized with hot smoking. The combination of sous vide and Sous-B-Q™ opens a whole new world of variety and flavor!








This recipe not only demonstrates an excellent model and recipe for hot smoked corn, it also illustrates how Lipavi racks and vessels can play a role in overall convenience. This was no accident.

The racks are designed to be loaded with packaged raw product before immersion, and then transferred directly to the precisely sized vessel, using the secure handles on each end.

Upon completion of the sous vide process, the racks are used to immerse the packages in cold water to achieve safe holding temperatures. No need to remove the packages from the rack.

Next, the entire rack can be easily staged into a normal sized refrigerator to maintain an organized environment.

If you plan to Sous-B-Q, the racks are simply unloaded, the food seasoned, and then loaded into the same rack for hot smoking. Transfer from kitchen to outdoor facility is easier than ever! Once the smoking process is completed, the entire batch can be staged back into your kitchen for space efficient service.

The racks are rust proof stainless steel, oven proof, smoke proof, and dishwasher proof.

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