sous vide magret

PROCEDURE: This step is applied to all three treatments: Sous vide process the magret in a sealed bag@ 129F/54Cx4 hours. This will pasteurize and preserve the duck breasts. Shock cold in iced water to 70F/21C to prevent autolysis, then refrigerate @40F/4C. NOTE: I typically caution against using manufacturers’/market’s packaging for sous vide processing. They are […]

Procedure: Seal skirt steak in vacuum or Ziploc Freezer bag and process sous vide @ 129F/54Cx36 hours. Cold shock to 70F/21C in cold/ice water, and refrigerate @40F/4C. Once chilled, remove the skirt steak from the bag. Save the juices, which can be processed according to the method linked HERE. Sprinkle the steak with the listed spices, […]